Jay Collins & The Northern Resistance – John Brown EP

Cover:Jay Collins & The Northern Resistance – John Brown EP
  • Jay Collins – Sax/vocals
  • Connor Kennedy- Guitar/vocals
  • Will Bryant – Organ
  • Andy Stack – Guitar
  • Brandon Morrison – Bass 
  • Lee Falco – Drums/vocals
  • Carlos Valdez-percussion
  • Produced by Olivier Chastan
  • Recorded direct to tape at Waterfront Studios in Hudson, NY. 
  • The studio resides in an old church whose beautiful acoustics are reminiscent of the famed Abbey Road Studios, and boasts some of the finest vintage equipment available. 
    For this recording Jay called on his band-mate from the Gregg Allman group, NYC guitarist Scott Sharrard, as well as the youthful sensation from Woodstock, guitarist and vocalist Connor Kennedy along with the rest of the “Northern Resistance”. The EP finds Collins singing and playing at the top of his game with 5 new songs–short and straight to the point, including his ambitious and historical telling, “John Brown”.